Texas PrairieDog Safaris Cover Page

Absolutely NO Large GUNS Allowed(300 Mags,378 Mags & Those Type Calibers)Also NO Full METAL JACKET Ammo of Any kind!!! They don't Expand and they are horrible on Performance at Long Range!! No Exceptions!!!Signed Larry Gene Pate

I have so many calls that are so excited about going hunting and can't wait,then after the inital info call,I guess they totally forget we talked.Booking hunts is an uphill job,due to only the fact that we live in a society now that WILL NOT return calls,and the frustration is overwhelming!! Please if we talk,simply call back and say YES were going or NO we can't!

I get a pile of calls looking for price first,thats on the web page,and I am very anxious to have calls,but please if we discuss HUNT DATES,PLEASE return a COURTESY CALL to let me know within three days if you plan on taking the dates I discuss with you.I have a lot of people that I never hear back from,I guess they think if they don't call back its ok.
I am finding that some do not understand,ONCE you book there are no refunds first off.I make your deposit good even if you can't make your hunt,but I use deposits to pay land leases.But There are NO REFUNDS!YOUR BOOKING A CALENDAR DATE,If you can't make your hunt,just call and we will apply the deposit to another date!

Secondly,Prairie Dog Hunting is classed as Long Range Shooting,that's what I excel in and have a great deal to offer you!!!!,
We do long range and teach just that.Please try to excel at this because short shots are not always steady constantly.On New dog towns they can be a lot,but learn to be a better shooter,its really quite easy.We build great shooters here,we want you to excel in your shooting ability!! I get ask all the time,can we move closer? The answer is NO always,I train good shooters and will not move all over my good dog towns to give or try to give CLOSE SHOTS
Moving closer ALWAYS upsets the dogs and can lead to them going under ground!.Please understand,my books stay full most all the time~I always have 50 to 70 shooters that can't go,due to books being full,that want to learn LONG RANGE SHOOTING!!! PLease I beg you to try other outlets that drive all over and ruin their dog~towns by doing so,to please you.I am very easy going,but I have build this up from the ground and my reputation of being fair & honest will NOT be tarnished by moving around on the dogs!!!
Now if you want to be a great shooter,please come here,as you will be treated with dignity,& respect and you will leave with a greater deep found knowledge of shooting properly!! Click on the banner below to go to my pages!Larry Gene Pate

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