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Extreme Special Notices

I will take a limited amount of NEW Customers in 2024,however all hunts BOOKED will be finished irregardless of weather conditions,mainly speaking of RAIN,(UN~less we are rained out) we have been short on rain,last few years!!

Before we would make up hunts,I cannot do that anymore because of the loss of money due to waiting till the right Conditions,if the wind blows,that cant be helped,if it rains us out then a new hunt will be rebooked at no charge,otherwise the Balance on the hunt will be EXPECTED at time of hunt!!

I have busted my tail trying to get the understanding down that PrairieDog Hunting is "Long Range Shooting",,Not drive around scatter dogs all over looking for 50 yard and 150 yard shots! But some seem to think it should be a little of that,and I will ONLY TEACH this the way I have done and Orginally Learned back when I was 16 yrs old!! If ya get close SHOTS then so be it,If NOT take and LEARN how to shoot your Rifle!!

Guess what I have several hunters that support my EFFORTS here & are a Blast to Hunt With & don't whine & Boo_Hoo about everything! I Intend To take care of their Shooting Needs in the Field as I always have!!

I Apologize to those that read this that REALLY want & desire to LEARN & Study better Shooting Proceedures & Improve their Abilities in the Field!! But I must back off from Taking New Clients!! I wanna Spend More time with our SONS!! If your Currently hunting with me your ok!!

(2nd Notice)
I have had one Horrible Review in my Career and this guy was treated right and had lots of shots,but wanted CLOSE shots & to I had told him that our HUMIDITY levels in May that year were VERY high & shots over 300 would be hard to even see,let alone shoot,due to that and with that humidity level our hunt would last till lunch but he insisted to do the hunt EVEN against my wishes.Anyway long story short ,he BASHED me horrible on a Shooters forum!! He also Claimed I only had ONE SHOT out DOG town,LOL I have way more that that,but how could he make such a stupid assumption?? I wished so bad NOW I had taken that to Court so he could LIE to a Judge & jury and did the 5 years Purjury!! Can't please everyone I suppose!

(3rd Notice)
I am ask from time to time to MOVE MY TRAILERS for closer shots! I don't do that,due to the FACT it "Spooks" the dogs badly & hunts go in the ditch after that! I teach Long Range Shooting & thats what I EXCEL at,so PLEASE work with me & lets get the most outta your HUNT TRIP & get some great shots under your belt!!

(4th Notice)
Your Booking a Calendar Date,which there are no REFUNDS due to that! If your hunt turns off due to bad weather or we get rained out or a dirt storm hits,then we just put left over time back on the calendar!
I am the ONLY GUIDE that does that I know of!!

5th Notice
There will Not be anymore Chances of July,August Or Early September Hunts!!! September has become Way to hot(Sept~2023) and dodging Hot weather is difficult!!

These Months are very Hot and dogs aren't Active enough for a hunt.
Heat MAY NOT bother you but,it bothers the dogs once it gets above 85 degrees!!
Absolutely NO SEPTEMBER hunts!!!! This will always Stand!!

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